The iPhone 2.0 Deal Killer

Well like everyone else I wanted to see what Steve Jobs had to say about the new iPhone. Like everyone else I am pretty excited to see them bring 3G to the phone. What I am not excited about is the AT&T exclusive.

The dilemma is pretty simple I have a large family with 3 phones all on the same account with T-Mobile. I get 2000 minutes a month, EDGE and 500 text messages for about a $100.00 bucks a month.

Because nearly all my wife’s friends and a lot of people we know are on T-Mobile we get a lot of free minutes when we are talking to people on the same network. So I am in a real dilemma what to do.

Seeing the the new iPhone still has the same crapy camera and their is no Video for the device maybe I will just skip getting the new iPhone and get a phone that has a great camera and can do video like the Nokia N85. After all I want to participate in communities like but cannot at the moment because the iPhone has no pathway to do so.

Apple really blew it with the Camera and AT&T is not the mobile carrier I prefer to do business with. T-Mobile does not have 3G as their network is stuck in the ice age but their mobile phone plans are rocking and hard to beat.

Sadly If I were to switch my first choice would be Verizon but sadly Apple was to stupid to realize that by locking themselves to AT&T that they really missed the boat when it came to reaching all of us that would prefer to pick a better carrier.

For now my current iPhone running on T-Mobile will have to do, until someone comes up with a better phone. I think I will be waiting to see what Google can do with Android in coming months. We will see real innovation then!