GNC-2008-05-23 #376 Win Big Money On our Survey

Posting Winner Announced Plus win Big money on our Listener Survey! Huge pile of news and a couple of real hot potato issues. Lets hear your opinions because I am sure I pushed some buttons tonight!

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Listener Links:
Solar Grade Silicon
Bell Canada Throttling Issue
IE8 Beta
Mighty Mouse Lawsuit
Aussie Telco Trends
OLPC Revamp (nice)
Worldwide Gas Prices

Show Notes:
Print Layout in Google Docs – Services
10 Fuel Efficiency Tips – Consumer
I can’t drive 55 or can I – Law
30 Developer Website to Follow – Internet
TSA – Laptop Bag – Commerce
What not to do on Craiglist – Personal
Fanboys waiting in Line for What? – Apple
Star Goes Supernova Live – Space
Trust me Drug? – Health
Phoenix Data Challenge – Internet
ID Theft Company Lifelock in Trouble – Security
Your Email is Being Read at Work by Security – Security
We Want Unlocked Phones – Commerce
Ads on Zune – Business
Some Large OLED – Hardware
Dispense a Pill – Hardware
High Resolution Epson Monitor – Hardware
Roku Netflix Player – Commerce
La Fresh Tech Pack – Health
Search Techmeme on FeedDemon – Internet
Twitter comes clean on Twitter – Internet
Yang Gets BabySitter – Business
Search on Microsoft Will Earn You Cash – Business
Soyuz Re-Entry Issue Reason – Space
Shuttle Good to Go on May 31 – Space
Yahoo delays Annual Meeting Again – Business
RIAA on Defense – Legal
AT&T 3G Network Upgrade – Business
YouTube and Terrorist – Internet
Upgrade Trillian Now – Security
MPAA Strong Arm results in more Settlements – Legal
Resell Software – Legal
Alien Sending Messages Via Neutrino? – Science
Are ISP’s breaking Wiretap Laws – Legal
Google Safe Browsing – Services
Jupiter Brand New Red Spots – Space
Moon Explosions – Space
Better Gmail on Firefox 3 – Software

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