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Want to Win a HP HDX Dragon?

Posted by geeknews at 4:40 AM on April 28, 2008

Hphdx2 I am very pleased to announce that you have 31 chances to win a HP HDX Dragon. The contest for the machine we are giving away starts on the 28th of May with the Dragon being given away on the 4th of June. You will want to be tuned into my Podcast for updates on how you can win!

Everyone that visits the following sites during their contest period May through June and enter the respective sites contest will have a shot at winning one of the hottest computer being sold today.

As I posted in my last post the machine has a retail value of $4500.00 I will be talking about how you can win on the Geek News Central Podcast. One of the sites on the campaign is Andy McCaskey from he and I will be giving away some extra prizes to go along with this promotion.

Below is a list of sites that have been chosen by HP and the folks at Buzz Corps to give away these great machines

Site Name Contest Start Date Contest Award Date 2-May 9-May
Ars Technica 3-May 10-May 4-May 11-May 5-May 12-May
Barbs Connected World 6-May 13-May 7-May 14-May 8-May 15-May 9-May 16-May 10-May 17-May 11-May 18-May 12-May 19-May 13-May 20-May 14-May 21-May
15-May 22-May 16-May 23-May
Digital Inspiration 17-May 24-May
18-May 25-May 19-May 26-May 20-May 27-May
21-May 28-May 22-May 29-May
Planet 23-May 30-May
24-May 31-May 25-May 1-June 26-May 2-June 27-May 3-June 28-May 4-June 29-May 5-June 30-May 6-June 31-May 7-June 1-June 8-June

Disclosure: This contest is being sponsored by HP and managed by Buzz Corps