I should have upgraded to Vista Sooner!

Like many others I heard the horror stories of running Vista. One month into using Vista and all I can say is why did I wait so long? I am normally a early adopter but I made the mistake of sitting on the fence this time.

BIG Mistake.

I have been a 100% satisfied with the operating system, and while their are a few things that have changed or act differently, Vista is by far the fastest operating system I have ever run and the most flexible.

This is the first time a Microsoft Operating System simply works no second guessing applications scream its a joy to use. I demand a lot our of operating systems as I run a variety of applications, many at the same time, old and new and they all just work.

To all the nay sayers out their, this OS is absolutely better out of the box than my mac was. I am now converting all of my machines that are capable of running vista. Their is no looking back goodbye XP. [5 Reasons]

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