CDN Services Needs to Learn Game is Changing

Every couple of months RawVoice gets called or e-mailed by CDN Sales representatives. We are always open to talk to them to see what kind of pricing they can bring to the table.

Yesterday we received one of those solicitations, and as usual I allow Angelo to take the lead in getting the preliminary information together that we will need to make a informed decision.

A couple of hours later he CC’d me a email from the rep that completely blew me away. This CDN Representative had the audacity to say that his CDN pricing was the cheapest in the nation. But the pricing that he presented to us was the highest I have ever seen from any CDN. Their lowest bandwidth tier was .50 cents a gigabyte, and their highest bandwidth tier was .14 cents a gigabyte if we could move a 100TB a month.

We have a contract with another CDN already and the pricing we have with them, had this CDN beat pretty significantly.

Which brings up some things we have been seeing on the price of bandwidth. While we know that Amazon S3 is not a CDN, we are hearing reports from people that the performance using S3 to deliver media has been as good as many CDN’s

While I do not have anything quantifiable to prove that I am curious if anyone has run any load testing on Amazon S3 to see how they handle heavy load request for media on their system.

Regardless Bandwidth prices are going down on a daily basis, and CDN providers need to understand that the game is changing, and they had better change with it. Trying to quote me .50 cents a gig though is crazy.

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