EPOS Digital Pen Interview at Consumer Electronics Show

The EPOS Digital Pen is a product I have been using for a week or more here and I am pretty impressed. Just by picking it up and starting to use it I was doubtful about the viability of this product. But the product performed wonderfully considering many of the times I was using it I was standing up and writing with the pen.

The pricing on the unit is reasonable and if your still a pen and paper type of person this is a great product to bridge that digital divide.

If you want more information of the Digital Pen from EPOS and future special offers please visit www.rawvoiceoffers.com and enter promo code “EPOS” or visit www.epos-ps.com

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2 thoughts on “EPOS Digital Pen Interview at Consumer Electronics Show

  1. I have used other digital pen system, mainly based on the Anoto functionality, and I am very curious to how the EPOS actually works in real life.

    It seems odd to me that it works based on positioning relative to the USB hub and not be `reading’ from the dot patterns as the Anoto based system does.

    But with the price point they are talking about, it’s going to be a good seller I think.

    I’ll be getting one to do some testing with very soon.

  2. I have ordered a competitor’s product and I will evaluate it soon.

    I am curious about this one, so I will order it too and will tell about it on my weblog.

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