Gizmodo should be banned from all Media Events!

Andy McCaskey and I just spent a week in Vegas working CES. We busted our butts did not get much sleep in fact from Monday to Thursday it was a whole 14 hours for me.

We spoke to hundreds of vendors and were well received by all. Every booth we went to we were welcomed with open arms.  The vendors gave us access to Program Managers, Engineers, Product Development Teams, CEO’s etc..

We were invited to dinner by several groups in no pitch events that were really nice.

But what I have just seen on Gizmodo makes me really mad. A number of us have worked hard for a number of years to build the trust and gain acceptance in this show. We have had to provide examples of our content from previous years to get access to separate events like Show Stoppers.

We came and we worked, we did not Party we worked like dogs and to find out that some Gizmodo staff sabotaged a vendors booth at CES makes me sick to my stomach.

What a bunch of Amateurs, you have been invited to the event, they have given you credentials, you have been allowed access to a special lounge for the event to do work from an then you pull a stunt like this.

I say ban Gizmodo from every event that they want to cover in 2008. Many of us have worked this show on our own dime, and do not need some punks causing bloggers to get a bad name. My expenses to CES were at least $4000.00 alone that I paid out of pocket. This act can set the good will of companies towards podcasters and bloggers back a long way.

Gizmodo you deserve any punishment that is dished out. I hope Motorola, CEA takes legal action against you! [Stupid Gizmodo]