19,000 Pounds and 500 Boxes Later!

Many of you that listen to my show know that I have been planning a move into a new home. That move started a week ago Monday and we finally had all 19,000 pounds of furniture and household goods in the house and 4pm the day before Thanksgiving.

We did pretty good within 48 hours we had the house 95% unpacked and organized with over 500 empty boxes awaiting pickup we have been pretty busy that is for sure.

Yesterday we spent about 7 hours cleaning up the old house and have it ready for turn over tomorrow. All I can say is we will have a enormous Garage Sale before we move again. It is obvious that we have not followed the three year rule. Aka if you have not used it in three years donate it or throw it out.

Anyway I am a week behind on news and desk work so I will be digging out from all that regardless I have a huge amount to share with you in the coming days.