A cell-phone that is a phone.

A post on the Loose Wire blog hit a chord with me, it describes how the worlds best selling phone (Nokia 1100) is also one of the simplest, and at least one of the users of this phone is in the phone industry.

I know everyone is different, but this hit the nail right on the head for me.  I like the primary feature of my phone to be good phone calls and simple phones are all that are needed for that.  The added benefit of simplicity is long battery life.  The phone I use myself (supplied by my employer) has the added features of messages and phonebook, which I use, and a whole heap of java based apps which I don’t.

I love gadgets, and have purchased some flashy phones in the past, but I have always found that added functionality like camera, MP3 player, video, web browsing, email, etc all compromise the prime function of the phone itself in some way.  Whether that be by making the phone an awkward size, making the phone feature more difficult to use, or reducing the battery life.

I’ll take bluetooth for the wireless headset, but if I can get a long battery life, good call quality, and a keypad I can use easily without looking at it, I am happy to have a seperate device for all other functionality.  At least that way when that device breaks down I will still have my phone to call the help desk.

via TechDirt.