Rob Greenlee long term Podcaster Joins Zune

I am real happy that Microsoft picked up Rob Greenlee to be their Podcast Programming & Marketing Lead for Zune. Rob understands the podcasting space and was one of the original podcasters over at the Tech Podcast Network.

While Rob’s show has been on hiatus for a while, he has been engaged in the podcasting space since the beginning. Rob and I share many of the same fundamentals in podcasting and I could not think of a better guy to be at Microsoft and on the Zune team.

The Zune team is in a unique position now to really make a difference in the podcasting space, unlike Apple, I think. Rob and his team are going to be very open and very publicly talking about the process of how shows are featured, how to get listed and have a open feedback system that will be beneficial to the community. Zune Insider