Yawn “Universal Music Takes on iTunes”

Who are they kidding. I half laughed this morning when reading the referenced article in BusinessWeek. Seems the chair of Universal Music is enlisting the help of other music companies to roll their own music service.

Ok lets look at a music service being run by recording companies and the list of features it will have.

  • DRM
  • High Prices
  • DRM
  • DRM

The way they think the can beat Apple iTunes is to sell music as a subscription service and have the music service some default with media non apple media players and mobile devices. Time will tell if they can compete but unless they can beat Apple with new portable media devices they are simply not going to be able to compete. BusinessWeek.com



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    I heard that Apple was actually coming out with a subscription service possibly. This would cause them even more problems. Really, I think it is either not legal or iTunes. Apple has a great presentation and I have never had a problem with their music, so why would I want to try a different store?