Outlook 2007 an absolute resource hog

I upgraded to Office 2007 a few weeks ago and have decided that was a big mistake. I am now looking at pulling Office 2007 off the machine and downgrading to Office 2003.

I have a lot of email accounts and every time Outlook downloads mail my systems comes to a complete stand still. I can do nothing until it is finished. This is absolutely ridiculous.

I check mail every 15 minutes and it takes outlook at least 60 seconds to poll the 11 email accounts I have it check and during that time I cannot to anything. I have a pretty high end laptop with a gig of ram and it does no good.

I like the rules functionality in Outlook and have been hesitant to switch to another solution because of my high reliance on Google desktop search that helps me find email’s amongst the thousands of email’s.

The memory footprint has grown considerably as well on the program and while the machine has 1 gig of ram I see Outlook taking up at a minimum of 160 megs of ram at all times.

While downgrading is the last resort does anyone have any tweaks to improve performance?