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Full time at RawVoice

Posted by geeknews at 8:59 PM on September 8, 2007

Yesterday was my last true work day in the Navy, after 24 years of traveling the world over. I am now going to be spending a lot of time with my family, re-charging my batteries and at the same time working full time for RawVoice.

For the past 3 years I have juggled School, Job, Podcast, Blog and building RawVoice. While I will only be replacing one job with the other at least now I can put in 80 hours a week dedicated to RawVoice versus juggling both.

It’s going to be a fun and relaxing period and I look forward to being able to walk to the office.



  1. From ainanet at 10:02 pm on September 8, 2007

    You aren’t moving? I know you are so that really isn’t your office… ;-)

  2. From RevTim at 10:02 pm on September 8, 2007

    Todd, while I have never really sat down and had a meal with you I sure have spent a lot of hours “hanging out”!

    It’s pretty amazing when dreams start coming true, isn’t it??? I know that before podcasting you were probably wondering exactly where you would be when you retired. Now you can’t get enough of “where you are”!

    Grats to you and your family.

  3. From Nickie at 10:22 pm on September 8, 2007

    My deepest congratulations! It is great to be able to do something you love, and I know that’s what you’re doing. Your passion for podcasting is an inspiration, even though my passions and skills are different. I look forward to reading and hearing more about your podcast journey!