What is the BlogWorld and New Media Expo?

Tonight I just by chance found out about a Blogging Expo in Las Vegas in November. Apparently the planning for this has been in progress for some time, but come on now — how come no one knows about it?

A blogging conference that no one is blogging about is not a good Omen. The conference tracks look pretty good and I think we will look at having a booth at the event but I am pretty surprised by the lack of publicity.

Has anyone else heard about this event, does anyone know the people behind it and again how come no press on this. Honestly I am pretty shocked. If you’re going, start blogging about it so this thing gets out from under the radar. BlogWorldExpo.com

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One thought on “What is the BlogWorld and New Media Expo?

  1. Hi Todd,

    Thank you for the post and glad you have found us 8). There certainly have been lots of people blogging about the event. You can see some of the posts here:


    I think the problem is the blogosphere is a very big place with lots of vertical communities. That doesn’t even include podcasting which often represent a whole other universe of communities.

    Here is a short list of confirmed speakers:

    Arianna Huffington, Om Malik, Jory Des Jardins, Aaron Wall, Charlene Li, Des Walsh, Paul Dunay, Jim Kukral, Leo Laporte, Leesa Barnes, Brett Trout, Shel Israel, Hugh Hewitt,Jeremy Wright, Dave Taylor, Matt Mullenweg, Glenn Reynolds, Colonel Austin Bay, Bill Roggio, Matt and Uncle Jimbo from Blackfive, Andy Beal, Ed Morrissey, La Shawn Barber, Will Leitch, Tyler Bleszinski, Matt Cerrone, Scott Bourne, Alex Lindsay, Larry Webber, Howard Kaushansky, Andy Wibbels, John Furrier, Ari Newman, Steve Boyett, Larry Schwartz, Maggie Fox, Brett Trout, Craig Howe, Professor David Perlmutter, Brian Clark, Brian Solis, Brad Feld, Stephanie Agresta, Avinash Kaushik, Rich Brooks, Paul Gillin, Thomas Frey and many more.

    Exhibitors and sponsors:

    Yahoo!, Technorati, Feedburner, WordPress, Military.com, Microsoft, The Truth Laid Bear, Townhall.com, Pajamas Media, b5 media, Sports Blogs Nation, Newstex, One by One Media, Blogger & Podcaster Magazine, IBNMA, Sports Blogs Nation, Podango,ShareASale, Sphere, Biola University, Shared book, Shure, SNCR, Fast Company Magazine, Mogo Mouse, PRWeb, Prime Time Politics, Website Services Magazine, Revenue Magazine, Blogsvertise, PayPerPost, Crisp Ads, Blog Critics, Blog Talk Radio, Talk Shoe, Kontera, Yield Build, Blurb, The Find, Dynamic Toolbar, Adaptive Blue, Lingo Spot and more.

    While you will notice several of the “usual suspects” speaking at blogWorld that you have seen at several other tech-centric blogging conferences we have tried to reach beyond that community to include sports bloggers, milbloggers, godbloggers, political bloggers, pop-culture bloggers and other communities you typically don’t see at a blogging conference.

    Several of those communities will be hosting their own meetups and seminars specific to their communities including the Milblog track, Sports Blog track and GodblogCon sponsored by Biola University.

    We encourage any group that would like to host a meet up at BlogWorld to contact us.

    Thanks again for the post and I hope you can join us this November in Vegas.

    Blog on!
    Rick Calvert, CEM
    CEO & Co-founder
    BlogWorld & New Media Expo
    1804 Garnet Ave. #518

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