Do Podcast Blog Postings Cause Google to Lower Page Rank?

The reason I am asking the above question, is because of my show notes for the Geek News Central Podcast. My style is one I developed and has worked well for 288 shows. As you have seen on the site twice a week. The way the blog post is written, is that I provide two or three words of text with a hyperlink for each story.

This could result in 30 out bound links on a single blog post that has very little supporting text.

I have received several e-mails over the past month, from some so called SEO experts explaining to me, that the way I do my show notes is probably causing my site to be penalized by Google. The reasoning is because I have very little supporting text per out bound hyper-link.

Is their anyone at Google that can weigh in on this? Honestly I am not expecting an answer but their is a fine balance in podcasting between posting comprehensive show notes, and revealing the whole show in the blog post. While I have no plan to change the way I am posting the links to the articles I have revealed is their anything that can be done to mitigate this supposed issue?

2 thoughts on “Do Podcast Blog Postings Cause Google to Lower Page Rank?

  1. Maybe the outbound links should be tagged with NOFOLLOW. This indicates that you do not wish to endorse the particular link and does not get counted by the google bot the same as regular links.

  2. The SEO experts are probably right. What you can do to “fix” it is to have a full paragraph of text before you start the links. Like five or six sentences. That will mitigate any loss from the list of links in the blog posting.

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