GNC-2007-07-20 #286

I’m fighting the flu that my lovely wife gave me and I am on the hunt for some used video gear primarily lighting a professional tripods

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Verizon FIOS Setup
Atomic Insight
Microsoft Patent Spyware
Custom Website Design

Show Notes:
Solar Panels
WD-40 Explosion
Microsoft Web Standards
Six Minutes of Terror
Have a 100 Million?
ClearWire and Sprint !!
Microsoft 50 Billion
Google Earnings Lower
Update Firefox
Spectrum Giveaway
Google Search for $100
SpaceJunk by NASA
USB Superboosters
No Vista SP1 Rush
Google Indexes in 120 Seconds
Miro Launch!
Google – Doubleclick in Cross Hairs
Jing by TechSmith
MPAA No Net Neutrality
SoundExchange Battle
AT&T $3.00
FBI + Telcos + Records = Spying
Harry Potter