Are we really in the Matrix?

I know a couple of people who truly believe that we live in the Matrix and while I do not buy into the line of thinking it is curious to me that others do.

Tonight while going through some feeds I saw a link from a dig article that was titled “Are you Living in a Computer Simulation” the article is kind of sparse but I was surprised that papers have been written on the subject and some people have actually dug pretty deep into the hypothesis.

While I am sure we are a very long ways away from being able to jack our brains into the net I am also a realist and can imagine that in 100 years computing power may have gotten great enough to actually tap into the brain and feed it information.

Like others who would want to make sure their online writings and media is stored away for future generations some have even said they would like to be able to be downloaded onto the net. The universal quest to live beyond the grave is something a lot of people have chased for a long time and I am sure many will continue to do so.

So the question is pretty simple do you think we are living in a computer simulation. My vote is a resounding no, but heck at the extreme edge anything is possible.