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I am amazed each month by the number of podcast that podfade. I have been keeping some stats on how many shows we have removed at Blubrry.com because of podfading and over the past year.

The number is significant at some point I am going to try and collect some data from the content creators themselves and try to figure out why they have stopped.

One trend that I know exist already is that podcasters expect way to much and they are disappointed when their podcast do not grow as they should. If I have any advice to give is that podcasters need to stick it out for at least a year maybe even two to see where their show is gonna go.

Just doing a couple of episodes is not going to cut it, if you think you will have 10,000 listeners overnight you may be in for a bit of shock when the numbers come in much lower than that for most people.

3 thoughts on “Podfading Podcast

  1. Todd, I think that many get into podcasting as a hobby and you’re right have high expectations for a listener base that just isn’t there.

    Thanks to you and your book I started my own podcast and have 77 shows under my belt. I’m having a great time doing the show each week and realize that I’ll never have 10,000 listeners. While a disappointment at first realizing this I do strive each week to gain listeners through my existing audience of 100-200 by spicing it up, offering contests, asking to spread the word etc.

    I’ve come to realize that it’s great to have 10,000 listeners, I love the size of my audience. When it comes to the number of hits a website gets the more the better right? Well in my opinion I feel that it’s the quality of people listening and visiting that count not the number.

    Thanks Todd for the blog post and as well for writing such a good book. I never would have come as far as I have. I do the show on my own time and get a lot of great comments for doing it. Keep up the good work.

  2. Todd,

    I can agree with you on this as I have been doing this for just over two years and my podcast is small but alive. I have had my dips in listenership and rises as well. I have stuck it out because it has not gotten to be an ego thing for me, but rather a love of the hobby. I still feel that I have not gotten to my full potential with my podcast, I am thinking of doing some major tweaks but keeping the flavor of the podcast the same. I do not intend to podfade, but if I do decide to go, I will at least bow out gracefully and let all my listeners know what and why I would be hanging up the mic.

    Norbert Davis,
    Host – Norbtek.info Podcast

  3. Podfading can also be sad for fans— Dailysonic became a huge favorite of mine… and then I accidentally erased my archive of shows before realizing that they were no longer producing anything new— as it stands the episodes I had burned to cd are things I can still enjoy listening to repeatedly.

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