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USB 2.0 Sata 2.5” Drive Enclosure Review

Posted by todd at 3:48 AM on May 23, 2007

InfosafeI bet some of you are saying hmmm yes that’s correct I was able to score a SATA 2.5’’ Drive Enclosure. In fact I had to go out and buy a 2.5’’ SATA drive as I did not have one to test the enclosure with. provided me with the INFOSAFE 2.5’’ SATA to USB 2.0 on the go drive enclosure that retails for $54.99.

I had already been using a 5.24’’ external SATA drive from another company but that unit was not at all portable. My desire was to check out the performance of the 2.5’’ SATA drives. I was not disappointed.

What was unique about this external drive was it comes with a mobile power pack. Which makes this drive perfect for people that want to offload images from a camera with a 480 Mbps transfer rate you can move data in a hurry.

The enclosure included 3 LED’s to let me know the status of the drive which was different from any enclosure I have seen like it to date. Very nice product.

Disclaimer: This device has been provided to me to review by the manufacture with no promise of favorable review.

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