GNC-2007-03-23 #252

I have a unbelievable treat for you in the show and I want to thank Brother Love for the opportunity to play a track from his new CD. Lots of great content on the show tonight.

Brother Love + Blubrry Team up for a Terrific Charity Event

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Show Notes:
PS3 Europe
Internet Gambling
MPAA Dog’s
Falcon 1
Geek Dad
EFF Sues Viacom
NBC/Newsgroup Video Announcement
Twitter CMS Bill
National Podcast Survey
USB Warming Kneepads?
2TB Network Drive
Laptop Shade
Pink Zune
Broadband Reportings
RIAA does not want to Pay
Apple TV Dissection
Netscape Bots?
Yahoo Gadget 4
No Leopard in April
Microsoft most Secure?
1.2 Million Bots
CD Music Sales RIP
Virtual Star