Looking to Replace Google Adsense

I am thinking about pulling Google Adsense of this website and wonder if any bloggers have a suggestion for a replacement service. I am sure some of you will say don’t replace just remove it.  If you have a suggestion drop me a e-mail geeknews@gmail.com


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    Yahoo! has been really aggressively pushing its own contextual advertising service. At this point, I’m sure the revenue would be relatively competitive. But what’s prompting you to want to yank AdSense? It’s nonintrusive, relevant, and in most cases covers at least the webhosting costs of the domains I serve it on.

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    Hi Todd. I’d ask the same question that Ryan has. Why are you looking for an alternative? It’s hard to suggest a solution without knowing what the problem is.

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    I was thinking of pulling my adsense too but like Ryan said it does help cover a little bit of the internet bills. I don’t make much on mine but better than nothing I guess. Then again if I started collecting cans I would probably make more money. $00.05 per can is more than good pays per page view….