GNC-2007-02-05 #240

Mixed bag of tech talk tonight along with some links to some really cool sites. The amount of listener feedback has been amazing thanks for your continued support.

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Listener Links:
Computer Tutorials
Open Source Alternative Applications
BoxNet Zoho Integration
Buy your own lights for Boston
Linux Accounting Package

Show Notes:
YouTube takes down Legal Videos
Hacked Sites Grow
VOIP whats next?
Super Bowl Ads
Doug Kaye on Amazon S3
RSS Search Engine
ISS Space Walk
2 Million Dollar PR Mistake
Home Security Tips
4 Computers and a Idiot
Space Map
Moon Panoramas
Vista ReadyBoost
Robin Good Podcast Picks
Vista Upgrade vs Clean Benchmark
Google Web Tools
Google Search tracking


  1. says

    Something I heard about on Sirius Satellite radio was and I saw an article on them in Entrepreneur (sp?) magazine around the same time.

    We (another member of the company) checked them out for the small development company I am part of but they said it didn’t quite work for our needs. Don’t remember what it was that was the stumbling block.