GNC-2007-01-26 #237

Fun Friday show with enough content to last the weekend. Make sure you check back this weekend were gonna have a special video to put online details in the show.

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Listener Links:
Shuttle Processing Pictures
Deep Linking

Show Notes:
Windows Vista Pricing
Free T-Mobile Hotspot Service
backupHDDVD Developer Interview
URL Fixer
Day at Digg
Amazing Photo
93 Year old Blogger Reflections!
Zune +90 Days
Google Video Look Ahead
Mods 2006
Pirate Bay Interview
CES Picks Sci American
iTunes Everywhere
Car PC
Nokia N800
Vista on iMac
The Hype Machine
Video Search
Microsoft Search?
Thunderbird 2 Beta 2
Shuttle Launch
Ares Rocket on Schedule
150 Million Botnet PC’s
Cisco Security Patches
Quickbooks Vista Issues!
Vista Launch Specials
New Record Label Biz Model
AACS admits Hack


  1. says

    Hey Todd, I picked up an N800 recently, and it is certainly not perfect…

    The screene is great, but the browser is so-so… and the video playback is way worse than a WM5.0 PDA. Battery life is 5hr. It is Linux, but there is way more software for WM.

    I think my impression of N800 is like your take on the Zune.