Does Anyone Love Thier EV-DO?

I was sitting on the light rail this morning heading into work when I snapped a few pictures with my camera phone and decided to post them to my Flickr site. This is something I do fairly regularly and usually send the images to Flickr via my phone. I tried several times this morning only getting a connection error. I began my persona troubleshooting with a few restarts followed by snapping new images etc. I then decided to try my mobile web application and see if that was working. Sure enough, nothing. I tried a few more times after I got into work thinking the service may have been out of whack closer to home. Again with full bars and all… nothing. I finally decided to call Verizon and see what their customer service had to say. The rep I spoke with was very nice and worked with me through some more troubleshooting to no success. She had become convinced that this was a network issue and nothing to do with my phone specifically. The odd thing is that there were no issues reported in the area. Eventually she filed a trouble ticket and informed me that they will be in touch with me when they figure out what has happened. A few hours later the rep called me back to verify that there was an evdo outage in my area which is pretty much all of Denver. That got me thinking… Was I the first to report this after? I find that odd being it was after 9am Sure someone else in a 1/2 million person radius (it may have been wider) had to have encountered this. How many people are actually using Verizon’s evdo services? Maybe not many at all. Several Verizon phones out there the charge a whopping 40.00 per month for it. Plus most of their v-cast services are additional charges. I’m sure there are some out there that pay 2.00 to see the latest Fergie video on their tiny little screens but not me. I certainly wouldn’t pay that. I guess what Inullm getting at is that I just find it odd that it took until 9:30 am (well into the business day) for someone to report a evdo outage in the Denver Metro area. To it signifies that no one is using it or no one really cares. FYI Service seems to have been restored now around 1pm.

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