GNC-2007-01-16 #234

Back in the saddle here in Hawaii I am still Jet Lagged like crazy but just had to get a show out lots of commentary about last week and what the release plan is for all the video.

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NOTICE: If you have iTunes or any Podcatcher set to only download latest shows you have likely missed episodes as I have been submitting multiple shows a day!

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Show Notes:
Bush Signs Bill
Outlook 2007 Disaster
Lawerence Lessig
Google Analytics Hacks
Amazing Picture!
More DRM!!!
Paypal Security Key
Eye to Eye
Apple TV
Robin Good RSS Tools!
802.11n Pay Apple
Sponsored Reviews
First HD-DVD Torrent
Pathfinder in the News!
Software kill Mars Global Surveyor
Comet Viewing Opportunity
Universal Service Fund News
Netflix Online Video Delivery
Trademark Troll
IE7 100 Million
More Gmail Bugs
Hackers want iPhone
Wall Mounted PC!!
Tagging in WP
Fun LCD Cam