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Ipod Death Clock

Posted by geeknews at 3:38 PM on January 4, 2007

If I created one of these it would be far less forgiving. My iPod lasted less than the suggested life span of about a year and a half. None the less if you are curious how much time you have left before your iPod decides to go out of business, check out the iPod Death Clock [link]


  1. From Surfbits at 7:15 am on January 5, 2007

    That’s the same life expectancy of a hard drive in your computer. It’s almost like these iPods they are talking about run on the same hard drives as computers. OH Wait! They ARE the same hard drives that are in your computers!

  2. From Alex at 11:22 pm on March 23, 2007

    Kinda weird, I got 465 days for my iPod nano, it was made in October 2006 and it says my battery is 50% used up. I can use my battery for 12+ hours and its still not in the red on the battery icon. My friend has had her iPod and it has been through hell and she got it in 2002. of course, if its just for fun… =P