GNC-2006-12-29 #228

Last show of the year so I do some wrap up stats and of course bring you a full line of tech with a special performance at the end of the show by my two aspiring artist here in the house.

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Show Topics (Non Exclusive)
No Warrant Intrusion
Gmail Mail Fetcher
Gmail Mail MIA
ISP Tracking Torrents?
HDTV Dilemma
Astronomy Cool Pics 2006
Full Disk Encryption (FDE)
Don’t use $2.00 bill at Best Buy
Google to Bust Digg?
Power Hungry Electronics
Microsoft and Bloggers
AllofMP3 Responds
PayPerPost Acquisition
Asia Network Cables
Vista DRM
Sony tries to pull a fast one!
Vista Upgrade not Pretty!
Image Optimization for Websites
AT&T & BellSouth
Top Ten Apple Rumors