No HARD questions for Bill Gates how come?

I am really disappointed with the Bloggers that went to Microsoft yesterday and got to meet with Bill Gates. I was pretty excited to read the commentary on their blogs but highly disappointed that none of them asked hard questions.

Frankly it pisses me off that none of them could ask a  hard question, here are a few question that I would have asked.

  • Why is the Wifi in the Zune Crippled?
  • What are the changes to the Zune that will be made due to the public bashing Microsoft has taken?
  • Why has Microsoft Ignored Podcasting?
  • When is Microsoft going to live up to a promise to make Windows security a #1 priority?
  • Why is Microsoft ignoring Citizen Fair use Rights and buckling to the RIAA and MPAA?
  • With it’s worldwide dominance why does it take so long to get a new Operating System out of Redmond?
  • When will Microsoft put security tools on the Windows desktop that really protect consumers, versus face saving applications that have been released today that are ineffective?

In my humble opinion these are hard questions that are worthy of being asked of one of the most powerful business men in the world. I would not have asked what’s on his Zune as Steve Rubel did, he should of asked how come Microsoft launched Zune when it was clearly not ready!

What serious questions would you have asked Bill Gates. I will compile your list and post them here next week and then mail them off and see if he can answer questions that come from people that are passionate about Microsoft Technology and not what’s on his Christmas list. []