So very Funny!

For a long time I have had a large number of vanity searches running through Technorati and other similar services. Today I noticed someone that had never given us any link love had written a podcast news story about our press release today. But when I went to look at the article the piece had been pulled down.

What I figure happened is that the specific podcast directory has someone posting podcasting news for the site owner, but when the site owner saw that the person had linked to our announcement he decided to pull down the posting. Funny how Technorati captured it though.


  1. says

    As the “Author” of the pickle news post, they didn’t pull it due to any weird circumstances. Pickle News is about reporting, and I had blatantly copied and pasted your release. If we do it for you we would have to do it for everyone, and who wants to read that?

    I am curious after investigating iblok, how does a flash file fit into an RSS feed? I feel I’m missing something here. Do they offer a demo version of their software? Most of their explanations pointed at software for audio mixing.

    Dave Jackson