GNC-2006-12-02 Videocast #2

Second Videocast I talk about the process that I use here at Geek News Central to create my Podcast, I also talk about and overview the equipment I use. I also show the equipment I will be using at the Consumer Electronic Show (CES).

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Studio Recording Equipment
Rode NTK Microphone
Mackie 1202VLZ Pro
Solo 610 Microphone Amplifier
Marantz PMD-660
Aphex 204
DBX 266XL Compressor Gate
DBX 215 Graphic Equalizer
Aphex Compellor Model 320A
Aphex Dominator II Model 720
Telos Phone Bridge
Furman PL-8

Travel Recording Equipment
Marantz PMD-660
RE-50B Microphone
Sennheiser K6/ME66
Tapco Mixer

Portable Connectivity
Kyocera EV-DO Router
Sprint EV-DO

Software Utilized
Adobe Audition 1.5
Video Editing Final Cut Pro Express

Computers Audio and Video Production
Windows XP Pro PC with Audigy 4 Sound card
MacBook Pro for Video Editing
Travel Recording HP Pavilion ZD8000 with Stock Sound card

One item that I have on my wish list is one of the new microphones that have a digital recorder built into the mic. But until I can get a review unit I am not going to purchase one.