How do you Quickly Submit Videocasts to Multiple Sites?

As I have been ramping up production for the Videos Andy McCaskey and I will be creating at the Consumer Electronics Show I have been looking for a service that I cannot believe does not exist. With the proliferation of video sites out why is there not a service that will submit a video to multiple sites at once?

Seems like that would make a pretty good service. Submit your Video to one site and then have it pushed to other sites that you have accounts on. This would save you a lot of time and is a service I would pay a reasonable fee for.


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    Yap, i agree that it’s indeed tedious & time-consuming to post video to multiple sites. I did some research and found that there’re a some services and software out there that can help us solve this problems.

    For online services, among the few i’ve tried, TubeMogul is excellent. The service is FREE. It allows u to submit video to 12 top sites at one once. U can check it out at

    For standalone software, I find the one listed at rather outstanding. It allows u to submit to 30 top video sites at the click of a button. Best of all, u can try it out for 7 days for the cost of $1.

    Hope the above sharing is useful to u and all who read this post.