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Looking for a site Design will give cash Reward!

Posted by todd at 5:42 PM on November 15, 2006

I have started putting together the materials for website. I really do not have the time to build a unique template for the site but I would like the site to really look nice, unique & professional. I am not a developer and my development team at RawVoice has their hands full. But I am willing to CASH reward someone that comes up with a cool design and resulting template.

Here are the essentials, the site will be used to explain what podcasting is, how to find podcast / videocast and the process of subscribing to them along with having a FAQ section. It should be capable of growing with more content along with having embedded audio and video on the site. The main thing to remember is this will be a site where we share information to people that are not familiar with podcasting and or videocasting.

I would like the site template design to be very clean, with a unique header image and some creative wording to go along with the domain name. I will take submissions until Nov 22nd. I will Judge the entries and award the winner on the 23rd.

I have sole discretion on picking the winner, the winner will be given $300.00 upon delivery of the site templates, The designer will be allowed to have a designed by text message with hyperlink at the bottom of the site template. To participate, the developer should submit a mockup graphic of his or her entry and be able to deliver the cut site template by Nov 30th. Send submissions to

Resulting template should be CSS based and use of modern web design techniques. 

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