Are Microsoft Lawyers getting in the way of Transparency?

There is more information surfacing in the Zune – Rocketboom promo proposal that made headlines yesterday when Andrew from Rocketboom publicly responded to Microsoft on his turning the deal down. From what I have gathered the following quote in the deal was what turned the deal sour.

“You may not display the Logo(s) on any site that disparages Microsoft or its products or services, infringes any Microsoft intellectual property or other rights, or violates any state, federal or international law.”

Part of the deal was putting the Zune logo on his website and by doing so he would have been bound by what he could say about the product in this lawyer heavy handed license agreement.

The question I ask is this, did some lawyer wreck the intent of this deal, or did the Zune management want to be assured that nothing negative could be said on sites that have signed a promo deal? I understand Microsoft’s likely reasoning, but at the same time Microsoft obviously is displaying that they really do not know the new media space when they ask Rocketboom or any new media Podcast/Videocaster to agree to such terms that go against the very grain of what the new media evolution is all about. [Yahoo]

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