Somebody Screwed Chirs Pirillo!

I don’t think I have ever seen Chirs Pirillo say anything negative on his Blog but someone must have really shafted him. The packing trucks where coming to move his household goods when all of a sudden the moving plans were canceled and he has apparently been sworn to secrecy as he is indicating he cannot say anything about the situation.

But a tell tale hint that it was related to a company in the blogging space is that he says this at the end of his post.

One thing is certain: my trust in the future of our industry (and the alleged transparency of the blogosphere) is at an all-time low.

Keep your head up Chris you have a lot of fans out here. [Chris Pirillo]

One thought on “Somebody Screwed Chirs Pirillo!

  1. There must be someone out there that can tell us what happened??? I was so looking forward to his announcement and then to be let down like this. Oh well Chris is a smart guy so he will figure out a way to beat whoever “dissed” him like that…


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