Blu-Ray or HD-DVD are you confused?

BladI was at a local big box yesterday and as I was walking around I overheard a very heated Blu-Ray versus HD-DVD discussion going on between two employees, directly in front of some very confused looking customers.  Finally one of the customers said this is all to confusing let’s go!

The customers left and these two store employees who turned out to be representatives from Sony and Toshiba continued this almost heated discussion. I did not have much more time so I had to get moving. I am sure many of us have been sitting on the sidelines watching history repeat itself. This is the Beta – VHS Battle all over again. What’s funny is everyone with a geek brain knew Beta had better video quality but VHS obviously won the day.

Folks this is all going to boil down to marketing and who has the cheapest equipment and can get more products on store shelves. But are you as a consumer still confused and are you going to sit the battle out and see who wins?

One thought on “Blu-Ray or HD-DVD are you confused?

  1. I’m going to wait for this format war to declare a winner before I buy any HD-DVD or Blu-ray equipment or discs.

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