1. says

    I hope you won’t mind if I use your comment board as a means of testing GoDaddy’s ability to handle MT comments, and also to ask for your experience with regard to GoDaddy.

    I’ve recently switched to GoDaddy for my webhost. I host about eighteen different domains and I have four separate MT installations in order to control the appearance and construction of the websites.

    Recently, I’ve noticed that my MT installations hang whenever I enter a new post or users post comments. Sometimes we’re routed to a blank page, and this makes commentators post their comments a second time, unaware that their comments have been added to the database.

    GoDaddy’s issues seem to be affected by traffic. This happens more often in the middle of the day than late at night.

    If you’re willing to contact me, could you confirm whether you have a similar problem? And, if not, what hosting plan do you have with GoDaddy? Would upgrading from Deluxe to Premium help, do you think?

  2. ajcannon says

    I can’t wait to hear your thoughts about Leo’s speech. Sounds like he made a fool of himself, I would love to hear what you think.