Headed for Home!

Well I am traveling home alone. My wife and I made the decision that she could not leave Michigan yet. With my sisters daughter still in ICU and some very critical days ahead we have delayed her return 2-6 weeks as my sister has 3 other children plus our three my wife will be mom to 6 for a temporary period. She is my hero and hopefully she will not pull her hair out before we get her home. We have enrolled our kids in the school I attended while growing up. We are lucky in that we have the flexibility to do this. The school administration in both Hawaii and here in Michigan have been pretty wonderful.

With Hawaii schools on a year round schedule my hope is to have them all back in Honolulu the first week of October this will allow us to get them back in their normal class after the first mini break. The past two weeks has been a blur and I have about a million e-mails to reply to along with college classes to get caught up on and to get ready for Podcast Expo.

I will probably resume regular blogging tomorrow and look forward to getting caught up with what is happening in the world of tech. Sitting here at the gate at the Airport with a Sprint 3G EVDO connection is terrific, operating on the fringe is really frustrating in dealing with dial up type speeds.

Expect a Special Podcast shortly I am not sure if it will be tonight or not but it will be pretty emotional I already know.