Desperately looking for a Mapping Solution!

I am working very dilgently to help my mom streamline her business so that it is more manageable. A very large part of her business requires delivering produce orders in two counties in Northern Indiana. All of the Produce orders come in via landline or mobile phone as the high majority of the customers are Amish and they do not utilize computers.

The orders are hand written on individual order forms and categorized and up to this point they have setup delivery zones, and use regular commercial paper maps, marking them up to determine where there stops are for the day. This is highly inefficent and takes an incredible amount of time.

This is what I am looking for I need a way for my mom to enter the next days deliveries into a database by entering the address city zip. Then from that input I would like that data migrated onto reference points on a map that can be printed, she can figure out the physical route.

To take it a step further I would like to put a laptop in the panel van have it tied to a GPS and interlace the days map on the screen.

If there is a commercial solution out there please point me in the correct direction, if this is something that can be built and integrated into one of the current online mapping programs online. Please help me out, I am willing to pay to have the code written to accomplish this and the interface would not have to be fancy.. Tying it back to a central database would be cool as well so that the system would become smart over time..

Come on Geeks lets see if you can find me a solution.