Alien Skin Blow Up Review

I work with Adobe Photoshop CS quite a bit and have done a lot of re-sizing of images most anyone that has prepared pictures for printing have cropped and re-sized images and from time to time have probably been disappointed with the re-sizing results.

This is where the Alien Skin Blow Up plug-in for Adobe Photoshop CS and Photoshop Elements has proved itself pretty good tool to consider as I have been experimenting with this Plug-In and comparing it with the default resize tool that is built into Photoshop natively. I can say for a fact that the pictures that I am blowing up with Alien Skin Blow Up plug-in are definitely turning out better.

When you launch the Blow up tool from within Photoshop it comes up seamlessly, and has the standard re-size controls with some slider bars that are tied to menu features, with these slider bars you are able to sharpen and add grain to an image. I was able to take some color photos re-size them and made to look a lot better than they would have been if I had just used the regular resize tool in Photoshop.

The Sharpen tool allows you to put a edge back edges that have been softened during the re-size. Adding grain to some of the images that I had doubled in size actually made them look more real. I think the only thing that shocked me about this product was it’s sticker price of $199 I used it on some of the images I have shot with my Cannon Rebel and was very pleased with the result. For the price range this definitely puts it in the pro tool category and while it does a great job in blowing up applications it may be over kill for the average user.

For those with a very critical eye though I think it would be money well spent. [Alien Skin Blow Up]

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