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This is a late post no matter where you live. East coast or West Coast. I have been working for quite awhile today and just got the chance to sit down. I wasn’t sure exactly what I was going to write about today, mostly beause the news is slow. I decided to plead my case for Linux. I have a two hard drive system in a pc that is quite old. It is the one that I run Vista on. I have Linux installed (Fedora Core 5) as well and get really good use out of it. The great thing about it is the abilities at the command line and running languages and databases. As you know I am not a big Windows fan. I think even the development tools, which by the way cost an arm and a leg to purchase, are so filled to thr brim with useless code to start and it just gives you that sour taste right off the bat. Whatever happened to the simple way of coding out your application and debugging it? Granted that method is still used, Microsoft just clutters it. I listen to another podcast where the host is an .NET developer. He has a great show and does not like to complain about Microsoft, and in fact defends them. I do not mind this, and in fact I find the show very interesting. No matter what you say using Linux or UNIX is something that just doesn’t compare. The Open Source environment as a whole provides the computer world with the great technologies of today. BSD UNIX is what Mac OS X uses under the hood. Yes, Apple uses open source projects in their code. Linux gives you the option of a desktop interface. A recommendation for the graphical based users SUSE 10.1. Their desktop environment is set up in a nice clean manner allowing the user to navigate easier. Check out www.novell.com for information about SUSE 10.1. You should use Linux because it is more secure than Windows and you don’t have to pay to use the OS or the software on it. Check out my blog tomorrow I will have other information regarding Linux and UNIX. Have a goodnight everyone!

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