Excel Killer?

Everyone has heard or read about the recent news surrounding the iPod killer. Well, I am here to tell you there is another killer in the midst, and that killer is the Excel killer. The word, as reported by Think Secret, is that Apple Computers has a spreadsheet application on tap for the iWork ’07 suite. Microsoft has always had the upper hand when it comes to spreadsheets. Now, Apple has decided to venture into the relm of spreadsheets. This is great for Mac users working with Pages and Keynote. With the idea of an Excel Killer coming to the Mac platform it brings, the ever so prominent philosophy at Apple to integrate, integrate, integrate, to the business world. The report went on to say that charting in Keynote already puts excel to shame. This of course is to be expected with Apple software. While this does not necessarily mean world domination for Apple it will make the lives of Mac users much easier.

www.thinksecret.com – Spreadseet Article link.
-michael novak