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United States Rank drops in Internet Penetration and Speed

Posted by geeknews at 3:17 PM on July 19, 2006

Ever wonder why we are falling so far behind in broadband penetration and connectivity speed as compared to many other countries today? It’s because there is no competition. For example I have only 1 choice of broadband carrier here in Hawaii where I live. The speed of that connection has not improved in eight years! In fact my connectivity at my home is worse today then it was eight years ago. It is obvious that the monopolies of Cable companies and Telephone Carriers, and their lack of innovation will continue to cause us to fall further behind.

It will not be long before the United States will be compared to a third world country in regards to connectivity and broadband penetration,not to mention very slow network speed. It’s sad and all of the broadband companies need to be ashamed of themselves. []

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