Banking Online can it be trusted?

For a long time now anytime a email comes in that says anything about banking I delete it. Recently a bank I do business with started sending e-mails informing me of special offers which as a consumer was worth investigating. But to be honest with you I don’t trust any of the e-mail, as it is to hard to determine what is real, and what is fake. The scam artist have gotten a lot better at phishing sites, I don’t do business with Citibank which has been a long known target of phishers have really taken some of the scams to the next level.

I think from now on, that my credit card account, and other types of bills that I review normally online is going to stop. If I want info on an account I am just gonna pick up the phone, as I find myself triple checking to make sure I have entered the domain name correctly.

With the way stuff is hacking our PC’s these days how long before someone hacks our bookmarks or redirects or machines on purpose. It’s a crazy world out there. []