What to do when a site lies about its traffic levels

I was recently shopping for some advertising on some sites for a project I have going on, and when I approached a certain website I was told that they were getting a 100,000 hits a day. When I went to setup some Google Adwords targeted campaigns I did some analysis on the sites that I wanted to target I determined that the page views the site was getting was closer to 8,000 a day.

It is no wonder they would not allow me to run a ad tracking snippet on their website. If you have doubts on a site’s actual traffic numbers, and they are running Google Adsense on their website it is very easy these days to determine what the true traffic is of a website.

So I was able to execute a ad buy on the same website at a fraction of the cost that they were gonna charge me by using a Google targeted ad. My CPM rate is exactly where I want it to be an is considerably less than what they wanted. Don’t let sites push you around when they say they can get $15.00 CPM, and with a little bit of work you can actually pay between $1.50 and $3.00 CPM by targeting websites with Google AdWords. Makes your budget go a lot farther.