GNC-2006-06-16 #180

It’s great to be back in the saddle and next Tuesday we will be giving away $300.00 so make sure you listen to win we gave away $100.00 in GoDaddy prizes tonight.

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Submit your weirdest registered domain to win cool prizes from, you have to listen to the Podcast to win, submit your entries to listeners are announced on the show and you must respond to the query on the show. But we are giving away serious prizes in the month of June!

Join us Saturday for the Live Tech Podcast Round Table

Listener Links:
WMP11 Podcast Plugin
Windows Activation
New Media and the Web

Show Links:
RIAA No Dancing
Vista Most Secure
Gates Scaling Back
Robin Good
Image Search
Skype PayPal
Apple Slave Workers?
Patch Exploits
Why Vista Slipped
Gates and Ballmer Memo
USB Power
3 Way ADSL Bonding!
Arctic Dips
WordPress on XP
Hack the Razr
Flickr Crackdown
Picasa Privacy?
Internet Neutrality
Netscape Beta