FeedBurner and Typepad

I am sitting here shaking my head, sorry you knew I was gonna say it. For those that have been reading this site long enough you know what I am thinking about the announcement of being able to have your Typepad RSS feed re-directed to FeedBurner automatically. At least the folks at SixApart were smart enough to make it optional. What I don’t understand is why companies like SixApart have given up on RSS stats.

In my humble opinion they should have there own reporting system. There is nothing magical about a RSS feed it is a file that sits on your website, and when an application needs to be updated it reaches across the web pulls a copy from your webserver and your webserver logs the encounter in a log file.

Then it is just a simple mater of processing that log file and providing very detailed infomation about your RSS feed.
You can bake that data any way you want and your good to go plus you don’t have to pay someone for advanced stats that in my opinon are pretty piss poor. The folks at SixApart had a chance to make their service better, but instead went the easy route and gave a large percentage of their unsuspecting customers a easy way to offload the single most important link on their blog.

First some will say well they can’t read my rss feed on my site, guess what I don’t want people reading my RSS feed I want them on my website. Second many will say using FeedBurner is easy, my response do you realize every blog application in existence today has RSS baked in already.

For those using FeedBurner pray they have a endless supply of money, and that they become very profitable on the backs of your feed because heaven forbid their site goes dark, thousands of you could be singing a different tune. I just hope people make educated decisions on using there service just before opting in. Many really like the service and I am cool with that but having used the service before I am not drinking the koolaid.

Here is my final thought on this, of the two URL’s below which makes the most sense to you.

www.yourdomain.com/index.xml or feeds.feedburner.com/yourwebsitename

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