Sorry I don’t get it?

I have not read the daily commentary yet, as I have been to busy dealing with a sick kid, a speech and presentation that is in final markup and about a million things to do with Podcast Awards and our pending new site launch. Yea life is good. Not to mention I am way overdue on a submission to Chris.

Anyway had a reader IM this to me tonight, and I’m sorry who the heck wants to have a Blog on ebay, building someone else brand is not my idea of good business sense, then againI have only bought 2 items off ebay in the past year, and the only reason I did was because I did not need new equipment.

My prediction will bomb and I have not even explored the site. Sad but it does not even excite me enough to go beyond the landing page. []

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2 thoughts on “ Sorry I don’t get it?

  1. “My prediction will bomb and I have not even explored the site.”

    First of all, it’s, not Second, how can you comment on anything that is going on in the eBay community when you freely admit that you are not part of the eBay community? When you haven’t even checked it out? How would you feel if someone reviewed your book without even reading it? This is just yet another example of eBay striving to make their site dynamic and relevant. From what I can tell, each blog will be tied to a user’s eBay ID. Think of it as an updated version of the “About Me” feature. This is just another new tool that eBay makes available to it’s users. I’ve been buying (and sometimes selling) on eBay since 1997. One of the reasons eBay is the success that it is is because they are constantly making improvements. I look at this to be something as potentially as vital and essential as a person’s feedback rating. Users tend to look at someone’s feedback rating as a sign of dependability or trustworthiness. Adding a blog to your already existing eBay user account will only help in this regard. As a buyer on eBay, I will feel more confident in eBay sellers that post useful content on their eBay blogs. For instance, when I want to buy a baseball card from a seller and I notice that they blog about how to properly grade a card or how to properly pack a card for shipping, I will pay more money to buy from this seller. He or she has demonstrated a level of sophistication that is sometimes lacking with some sellers. My prediction is that it will be a useful tool to the users that want to use it.

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