Call Records and the Political Flap

Anyone that takes a few minutes and studies what has transpired over the past few days will have to sit back and really ask themselves a couple of questions. First of all some political opponents of the President are standing up and calling for hearings and making conspiracy comments, yet at the same time it has been revealed that these same political party members attended the closed door briefings on this issue and congressional delegations apparently visited the NSA as well. But as they stand in front of a camera they conveniently neglect to mention that they had been read into the program.

What is also amazing from a technical perspective is that unless you have been living under a rock is that call records have been available a very long time that allow Joe average citizen to buy call records. Everything I have read and seen indicates no voice conversations were recorded.

The government employee who revealed the information though needs to be found! Individuals that reveal classified material in this way need to have the book thrown at them. You know what they say “loose lips sink ships”, In this case Loose Lips may cause Americans to be harmed when terrorist change there tactics, and make it harder for those that protect us to do their jobs.

I am all about privacy but I am also realistic enough to understand that there are probably people living among us that want nothing more than to destroy the fabric of our society. God forbid another attacks happen against this country, but when, and if it does we should hope that these irresponsible individuals that have loose lips, that in all likelihood have diminished our countries capacity to prevent such events are found out, tried and punished accordingly.