Apple the Religion

What Exactly is the Apple Religion that is currently being used by Apple Pundits who have drank to much of the Koolaid

1. Windows Machines are full of virus, trojans and spyware.
2. Apple Machines are Superior Computers
3. Apple Machines cannot be breached by Virus, Trojans and Spyware
4. Apple Machines are Superior
5. Apple Machines are Superior

Ok get my point, some will say I don’t like Apple products, that’s quite the opposite, but I also am open eyed enough and work around enough home, business and enterprise level systems to know that Points 1,2,4,5 are not true. Some of the Apple Zealots have drank so much of the Koolaid that they no longer are able to quantify why these computers are superior except to say point 1,2,3,4,5 :)

In the real world people want performance for a good price. This is easily achieved with the competition that multiple PC manufactures bring to the floor with the hundreds of models to choose from. Apple is anti-competition when it comes to their computers, sure they let companies make accessories at a price but they have the ultimate stove pipe solution that locks people in.

This is why Windows PC users yawn when a new computer is introduced, because new computers are being brought to market every day, that have the hottest technology inside, you don’t have to wait a year for a new PC introduction, and if you don’t like the price you wait a few weeks and the prices go DOWN!

So we will rejoice that the Apple users are now going to be able to run Windows, but at the same time they are still locked into one platform with very few options ,and ohhh yea almost forgot when was the last time you saw an Apple product on sale. Don’t hold your breath!

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5 thoughts on “Apple the Religion

  1. This post rings so true it is scary.

    Where I work we are all volunteers and a lot of our users provide their own computers. The best computer for them usually depends on the role that they are in, but it is almost impossible to convince Mac users that a PC would actually do the job that they want to do as well, or even better sometimes than a Mac.

    I take the same view that you do on the Mac / PC divide, that they are both just tools, each one with their own specialties…

  2. Apple computers are on sale everyday of the week at The Apple Store in the special Deals section. Along with iPod sales and refurbished sales.
    My Dell latop cost my employer 1900.00 this summer. It was a 9300. The new MacBook Pro is 1999.00, the price argument is all blind Windows users have to say about why they want a Windows machine.

    In every consumer report and independent test, Apple computers in the last 4-5 years have been rated highest in customer satisfaction for repairs and and lack of break-down. Add that to your list.

    If you have any amount of geek in you at all, (stylish geek that is) there isn’t a geek around that doesn’t want an Apple because of the wow factor, the cool factor, or whatever you want to call it. They are just made beautiful and unique and very very functional. Add that to your list.

    As for the first comment, If all Apple computers and OSX did was keep users safe and sound compared to what Windows give users, that alone would be the only reason needed to switch. How much grief do you want your readers that you supposedly care about to put up with to save $100 or $200 dollars? How much do you want them to pay for Geek Squauds to come over to their house every month to clean out the crap that Windows allows on their systems? Add that to your list.

    As for your ridiculous argument of locking people in, does a computer maker want users locked in when they allow them to boot into a competitor’s operating system? I think not.

  3. Todd, I couldn’t have said it better myself. The thing that cracks me up is the talk that I hear from my Apple friends who talk about viruses and spyware on the PC. You know what? I haven’t had a virus since Windows 95 and I haven’t EVER had any spyware. I don’t even run anti-spyware programs except for about twice a year just to make sure and then I delete them from my system so they don’t take away CPU cycles. As far as anti-virus software I use NOD32 from ESET and it is so light that you can’t even tell that it is running.

    I’m like you – I’ve got a PC and a Mac on my desktop. I use my PC FAR more often, but to be honest I could probably use the Mac for most of the things that I do. But like you said, a computer is a computer is a computer. That is what it boils down to. Some Mac users just don’t get it.

    With that said, I personally probably will buy an Apple computer next time I am in the market. But I am willing to pay a little extra for better looks. Most people are not and I can almost guarantee you that most businesses (including my own business) wouldn’t pay extra for a “pretty” box.

  4. Oh, one more thing…
    While it was certainly funny to see the Blue Screen of Death on an iMac, I personally haven’t seen one in years. I’ve hear of them happening on XP, but I haven’t seen one since the days that I was running Win98 (I never ran Windows ME though).

  5. Why is all the fuss over running XP on a Mac? I haven’t heard anything from anyone about if the new Intel OSX version works on x86 PCs. I have an alpha version that works, but I would like something more stable.

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