Apple vs Hacker in OS X PC Showdown

The battle and speculation about the take down notices Apple has been serving to various websites is going to get ugly before it gets better, apparently the hacker who has learned a lot more than Apple wants him to about OS X running on Windows based PC has started a blog. The MacNN site did not post the link to the Hackers Blog but the race is on to have OS X running functionally on computers that run windows today. As I have discussed in a earlier posting that if this happens Apple potentially could loose millions of dollars.

This will shape up to ultimately being a huge legal battle, but OS X will at some point be functioning on a Windows based PC.

But I can’t wait to walk into a Apple store and boot my HP Pavilion up for everyone to see running OS X! [MacNN]

2 thoughts on “Apple vs Hacker in OS X PC Showdown

  1. That’s funny Todd, I remember a little prank where you were quite relieved to find the website I directed you to did not actually install OS 8 over your Windows OS. Looked pretty good though.

    Newer systems don’t display it like it used to but what happened was you would get a simulation of your computer deleting your old os. It is displayed in the way Window machines used to boot up with all that text scrolling by. Then the screen would change and look identical to a Mac desktop complete with icons and a trash can.

    It’s still there at but the effect doesn’t look the same unless you use and older system/browser.

  2. If OSX can run on PCs, there will be a huge rush of Windows users to buy and install OSX on their PC’s. Apple will not lose Millions, but will stand to become even richer. After all, Bill Gates did not become the richest man in the world by selling hardware…

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